Sunday 29 March 2009

Sunday stuff

So last night I managed to wake up from my nap before half past eight and therefore participated in Earth Hour. We switched out all our lights. I didn't see much evidence of participation in the wider community when I looked out my front and back door - but we sat and ate our dinner by the light of the TV (truly a TV dinner)! Check out this video on the BBC to see the lights go out across the globe.

Sunday night also saw the clocks go forward one hour marking the start of British Summer Time. Just when I'd got used to the mornings being that bit brighter. Competing the disturbed night was the Melbourne Grand Prix - finally seeing the return of F1 after the off-season and the much anticipated return of the F1 to the BBC (only anticipated as it means no more ad-breaks at crucial moments!).

I somehow managed to get all my Sunday morning TV done with by lunchtime at which point I was taken by a strange urge to spring-clean the kitchen. This invovled cleaning glass, cupboards, crockery and all sorts. I managed to use about half a pack of Cif Oxy wipes but the kitchen looked better for my efforts.

It'll be a quiet blogging week next week as I'm off to do Jury duty, so I shan't be going anywhere or seeing anything.