Saturday 21 March 2009

Birds and bees

Another beautiful spring day today - not quite as warm as recently but still amazing sunshine. I took a brief shopping trip this morning. Two things I wanted - should only take ten minutes. First stop Halfords for a new cycle glove. Not that I ride a bicycle you understand, the handle of The Stick tends to give me blisters after more than about half an hour of continual use, so a fingerless cycling glove with padded palms is the perfect solution. Unfortunately the last one (which was perfect... pink with little flowers) fell to bits from over-use, and of course they no longer make the same style. This time I've gone for serviceable and boring... and very black.

Next stop was PC World. I wanted a converter to turn the USB port in my laptop into a PS/2 port so that I can use the re-chargeable mouse and keyboard. PC World don't sell them anymore so I had to hot-foot it over to Maplin... who did of course have what I wanted. Home just in time to avoid the football traffic.

One of a pair of squirrels playing tag in the tree... and on my bedroom roof!

Some of my neighbour's doves in flight

and taking a break on my bedroom roof

The evil plastic heron finds a home!

Bumblebee collecting nectar