Sunday 1 September 2013

Sunday Social (65)

Sunday Social
Linking up with Ashley and Neely

1. What was your favourite trip/vacation/activity this summer?
What a choice to make!! We did so many amazing things on our honeymoon it is hard to choose... a toss-up between our day out at London Zoo and our trip on the London Eye. Just getting to spend time with Husband and enjoy London together was a fantastic way to spend summer.

2. What was your favourite outfit look/clothing item of the summer?

Anything that helped keep cool! Not stylish but a baseball hat and cropped trousers featured heavily in my wardrobe.

At the zoo

Of course (it's cheating really) but my favourite item of clothing was, of course, my wedding dress :-)

From the official collection by e-motion

3. What is one thing you wish you'd gotten to do this summer?

Oh the list! We had a huge list of places to go on our honeymoon; way more than could fit into two weeks. We'll get round to them later in the year... but Eltham Palace (bumped twice due to weather), Greenwich Ecology Park (closed the day we tried to go), the British Library (never found ourselves in that bit of London) and several museums (just too many to fit in) to list but a few.

4. What was your favourite song of the summer?

Because I'm massively sentimental 'What a Wonderful World'. It was our first dance at our wedding...

5. What was your favourite movie/tv show of the summer?

We went to the cinema (which we rarely do) and saw 'Now You See Me' which was fabulous. That wins through movies just for the whole cinema experience... closely followed by the latest Die Hard movie. As for TV - hard to choose... although I do enjoy our new 'Pointless' tradition. This again (sorry) started on our honeymoon; after a day out we'd get home and sit down watching of the TV show and having an ice lolly!

If you've never seen it; it's a quiz show (unusual as I don't usually like them) - the contestants, for every question, have to choose an answer which when the question was asked to 100 people before the show the fewest people gave that answer. One of the good ones the other week was 'countries with no land borders'... search your brain for the world of the South Pacific...