Tuesday 17 September 2013


Mindful Moments For Stressful Days: Simple Ways To Find Meaning And Happiness In Daily LifeWhen I was visiting my Mum last year I noticed a book on her bookshelf. I asked if I could borrow it, as some friends who work in the field of psychology had mentioned in passing that I might find this a useful technique.

I then forgot about it. Until one of the hospital visits when I bumped into a PhD student doing a study on the use of Mindfulness to treat aspects of life for people with MS. I gave my details, we did a telephone interview, and the lady conducting the study said that I didn't qualify as I was too 'mentally well balanced' (I asked if I could have that on a certificate!).

Then I remembered the book and read it. Quite a few of the concepts I had coincidentally been trying to incorporate into my life; so this just helped to give me some focus.

I'm but an egg in this field; but as far as I can tell it is about being 'in the now' and letting life go by without judgement on self and others. You can read the book or go and study the Wikipedia article for some more coherent, expert writing.

I am working on trying to use the techniques to improve my world. Having MS and its attendant irritations can take your head to bad places. Changing you working world and job so that you aren't doing the job that you trained years to do and spent 15 years doing and doing the new job in three days which leaves four days of nothing can take your head to bad places too. Getting married this summer took my head to good places, I like that and want to keep it.

Aspirations on the bedroom door

Observation on the back of the door

My world (at home)

My world (at work)

On my pin board; it came with the leather strip

I wear this most days to keep reminding me
One of my favourite things is the idea that when something is stressing you out, or vexing you... you take a look at a globe. You consider the size of the world, the global view... and then reconsider your problem. It really works!

I'm learning meditation. Mindfullness doesn't require you to clear your mind - just to be still and think. There are even apps for the iPhone that can help you with this. Or you can go the traditional route with some Tibetan beads.

I particularly like Headspace
Or go old-school with the beads