Saturday 2 June 2007

Summer is back!

Despite the threat of showers and cool weather May turned to June and Spring turned to Summer.

Yesterday I had to go to Lowestoft. Lowestoft is at the top of East Anglia and a good hundred and something miles from London. It is a good three hour journey too as there is no motorway, only A-roads to get there. Got all the way there, having stifled in my car with no air-conditioning... only to find out that the meeting had been cancelled, but nobody had bothered to let me know! Got some lunch and then drove all the way back again. Still stifling in my car with no air-conditioning. Got stuck in a traffic queue at the Dartford crossing, whereupon I nearly melted!!! Got home at 4pm... what a wasted day!

Rushed out first thing this morning to buy Tomb Raider: Anniversary. Have played a couple of hours worth until I got stuck. Knew I should have bought the walkthrough guide!

The garden is full of frogs again. Most of the babies have finally grown-out of being tadpoles and turned into tiny frogs. Really so small... about a centimeter long. It's like the time that Molly gave the carpet fleas. You thought the carpet was OK until you looked really close up and saw that it was hopping. That is our lawn. You don't realise that there are hundreds of baby frogs until you kneel down and take a close look and then realise that they are every where.

All the fish in the pond seem to be enjoying the summer weather... Jaws is followed around by an absolute shoal of little brown fish, medium sized brown fish and the three goldfish. The only one who doesn't seem to want to soak up the sun is Molly... being a black cat she gets too hot and would rather sleep in a bush!