Wednesday 20 June 2007

Time Flies

Wednesday already. Who'd have thought it! The week is nearly over (for me) as I'm off to Worcester all day tomorrow, and then only Friday and we're done!

Our family is off to the Dome (sorry, the O2) tonight. There is a free event for Greenwich residents, and I want to see what's been going on... so that will be fun!

Last night I walked along Piccadilly to get to Green Park as I needed to post some letters and there is a post-box by Cafe Nero. In the two or so blocks to Green Park I came across no less than six Chuggers. For those not familiar with the terms Chuggers are Charity Muggers. Those irritatingly chirpy souls which clipboards who just want a moment of your time. Six of them... three of whom tried to stop me. I was quite annoyed by the time I arrived at the tube station. I give money to charities already - and those chirpy souls aren't going to make me give any more.

I was so distracted (and my feet were so on autopilot) that I fell off the escalator. The down and up escalators to the Jubilee line from the central concourse had swapped sides. I tried to get on the down... slid off backwards, and undeterred tried again! Then I realised why it wasn't working. As Homer Simpson would say "D'oh"!