Monday 25 June 2007

Ironing Mountain

Last night I finally tackled the ironing mountian. The problem is that there is very little incentive to actually do my ironing... I own three very nice 'non-iron' shirts which I wear a lot, and several pairs of trousers that don't need ironing (or so little that the creases have dropped out by the time I get to the office). So, once again it got to the stage where EVERYTHING I own needed to be ironed. It took the whole of Supernatural and part of an episode of Hustle before it was all done! I nearly melted in the process as I always like to use steam when I iron! I feel very virtuous having done it... and made the usual (futile) promises to myself to not let it mount up again.

Saturday night movies this weekend... managed to get through two! First up was 'Edison'... I think maybe we saw a trailer for it... and also because Morgan Freeman is in it. It was OK (I suppose)... it had a story, the acting was good enough... it just didn't have a 'spark'. Still... unlike most recent 'first films' of a Saturday night we did watch the whole thing! Next up was 'Goal 2'. Quite fun in a bit of a silly way. I said to Rich that I wouldn't mind going to football every other week if Charlton played like Real Madrid. Rich told me that if I wanted to watch that kind of football I'd do better tuning into Sky Sports on a Sunday night!

It pretty much rained the whole weekend in the end. I had a brief 10 minutes in the garden on Sunday afternoon to clean out the Frog Pond which had gone the same toxic shade of green that the main pond had been a while ago. This involved bailing out all the water into the rockery (which of course ran down the rockery and onto the patio making a lovely mess) and then scooping out the leaves that were in the bottom (what a stink). I also disturbed two frogs who must have been sleeping on the bottom, and didn't look at all pleased to see daylight. They soon vanished off again once I refilled the pond though!

We also spent obscene amounts of time playing the Playstation... we only left the house on Saturday once to go to the post office and to pick up lunch. Ah well. After the madness of last week I think that we deserved some quality R&R!