Friday 8 June 2007

Why I don't like Fridays

I know I'm weird. Most people love Fridays as they are the end of the week. I'm okay with the principle of them... it's just the execution that is always letting me down!

Reasons I don't like Friday - number 1
We are supposed to finish work at half past four on Friday. It NEVER happens. In fact, what usually happens is that Friday is the worst day of the week. Everything always goes wrong. Today I have spent in long (and often fruitless) telephone conversations trying to find out if anybody knows what is happening on my project (answer, no). Also, making a budget/cashflow according to a pro-forma which really isn't relevant to my project... and various other irritating little arisings... each of which must be somebody's fault, and I'm permanently worried that the somebody must be me. It almost makes me wish I hadn't given up smoking... not because I have any desire to smoke, but I remember the huge 'whoosh' of stress relief engendered by the act of smoking a cigarette!

Reasons I don't like Friday - number 2
Friday is injection day. I can't remember how much I've gone into this before... in 2002 I was diagnosed with relapsing/remitting MS (story for another day). After some years of mostly remitting and a healthy dose of denial I had a few relapses last year. My health professionals suggested that it was probably time for disease modifying drugs. I was historically terribly against this as I suffer from Belonephobia - that is a fear of needles. At the moment the drugs available in this country are all proteins, which means that they cannot be taken orally as the stomach acid would break them up. They must therefore be injected intra-muscularly or subcutaneously. Mine is intra-muscular as it lasts longer and you have to inject less often. Although I have gotten over feeling as if I'll faint and can manage perfectly well I still don't much like doing it... and it does cast a little shadow over Friday. Also, the side effects mean that quite often I either sleep badly on Friday or still feel a bit rubbish on Saturday morning.

Those are the only reasons I don't like Friday - but I think that they are enough.