Thursday 7 June 2007

Ladies who lunch

Today I met my friend and her daughter for lunch. Although her daughter was born at the end of last August our busy lives and living on opposite sides of the Thames means that this is the first time we've met since. We decided to go for lunch at a pavement cafe in Landsdowne Mews (where there are literally half a dozen to choose from). My new little friend was absolutely cute and charmed me and the waitress and the diners at the next table. My friend and I decided that a girl must get to know the important things in life... lunch with friends being one of them!

I discovered this morning that I've been wasting my money. Ever since they were introduced I've been buying a zone 1-3 oyster card. North Greenwich is on the border of zones 2 and 3 and can be in either zone depending on which way you are travelling. I alwasy figured I needed a three zone travel card to get me from my house (which is between Charlton and Woolwich mainline stations, both in zone 3) to North Greenwich. Apparently not. Apparently zones don't exist for busses and the whole of London is one big zone. Nice little saving every month - shame that I just bought a new travelcard!