Saturday 23 June 2007

Reflections on time and other things...

So. Off I went to Worcester again on Thursday for my monthly trip. Decided to go by train this time as driving there and back is just exhausting, and I get to sleep on the train!

Paddington was bizarre. There were ladies in posh frocks and way out hats (who I later found were going to Ladies Day at Ascot) and then there were masses of people with huge rucksacks wearing wellingtons... who were, of course, off to Glastonbury. Very strange mix!

It all made me quite nostalgic. I only went to Glastonbury twice... once in 1995 and once in 1997. The first time I went was awesome. I'd just finished my first year at University... the weather was glorious... I went with a bunch of people and spent quite a lot of the time in an altered state of mind! The last time I went I'd just finished my second year at a different University (long story for another day). The weather was awful... it rained, a lot. There was mud (oh, was there mud) and I'd got over being in an altered state of mind... and I only went with one person. I hated it. So, in a weird way it was good. I had the lovely 1995 (which still is a legend) but I never feel that I'm missing out by not going as the second time put me off forever! What I found hardest to believe was that it is 10 years ago (and the rest) that those things took place.

Talking about time. I was with my folks the other weekend. Me and Mum were sitting in the garden enjoying the sun when Mum said "I worked out the other day that I'm the same age now as Granny was when I first met Dad, and I thought she was so old!". My response to this was "Well I'm the same age now as you were when you had me, and I thought you were old (just kidding)!". It is alarming that I'm my mother's age when she had me... I can't imagine feeling old enough to be a mother. Mind, saying that... it still weirds me out that I know people who are married... who have kids... who own houses... who hold down responsible (well some of us) jobs... when did we stop being 18?!?!