Tuesday 11 September 2012


Eleven years ago the world woke up, little knowing the cataclysmic events that were to throw it into a new world order.

The day was like any other day at work until lunch, when one of my colleagues announced that a 747 had hit the World Trade Centre in New York.

You must be wrong I told him, that's a passenger plane. Remember the Internet 10 years ago... slower, servers with less capacity, sites going down as the news spread.

Then a second plane hit the other Tower. This was no accident, this was an attack.

Tall buildings across the world evacuated (including at Canary Wharf where my brother works). No instant news, no idea of the dangers faced.

So the discontent between religions who should live in peace sharing common values side by side once more spread into world-wide consciousness; and there remains.

Every year I remember those who lost their lives that sunny Fall morning. Every year I remember the pain it brought to the City I love most after London. Every year I remember the majestic buildings which began my live of skyscrapers. Every year, as I meet more and more faithful peace loving people of many races and religions I hope that one day we will live without mistrust, hate and fear.

Today I remember. New York the city, the people, and everyone whose lives were changed forever that September morning.
Me at the top
The Twin Towers