Sunday 23 September 2012

Sunday Social (16)

Linking up with Ashley and Neely for the Sunday Social
  • What is something you have wanted to do but are afraid of?
    Climb a mountain. It is odd; I've no problem with going up tall buildings, but mountains are a different story. I know how a building is built so I don't feel so afraid of the height; but I'd love to stand at the top of a snowy peak at the roof of the world... I'm making do with a trip up The Shard of Glass next February.
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    Given my rapid race towards another big birthday (life begins at 40 my mother often said; although I don't recall which side of it she was at the time!) I'm pretty sure my life won't be much different than it is now. Ferris Bueller might have thought life moved pretty fast, but it kind of slows down once you get into you 30s.
  • What are you looking forward to before the end of 2012?
    We've got our annual trip to Wembley when the NFL plays the International Series; so that is quite a big one. We make a big day out of it so it is more than just the game. Other than drinking over-priced beer and participating in the Mexican Wave we always enjoy a game of 'team bingo' when we try and spot people wearing apparel of all the teams in the League. Of course, there is also all the great things that Autumn brings; Halloween and pumpkins, Thanksgiving and the triple football games, and of course Christmas!
  • What are your hopes for your blog?
    I hope that it goes out and makes friends for itself. I hope that people enjoy my slice of life in London, and the occasional glimpses (there are going to be more) of little bits of London.
  • Do you always see yourself living in your current town/city?
    Yes. I was born in North London, I my parents moved to the countryside when I was seven years old. Even at that tender age I was most convinced that 'when I grew up' I'd live back in London again. Here I am, the other side of the River, but back in London.
  • What is your morning routine?
    On an average workday, fairly tortuous. When MS gives you balance problems and useless hands it is a team effort! I get up at 5:50 to leave the house at 7:00.

    I fall (sometimes literally) out of bed and go downstairs for a little computer time with breakfast and whatever tablets are the side dish. Then back upstairs again.

    I have to do most of my getting ready in my pyjamas so that I don't ruin the clothes for the day. First I clean my teeth (toothpaste will ruin an outfit). Next I go back to the Pink Room. If I'm wearing contacts (which I hardly ever do to work) that's the first task. Next I'll put up my hair (hardly ever wear it loose for work). Then it's make-up and perhaps jewellery (although the Better-half sometimes has to do the clasps for me). Deodorant and perfume follow - finally ready to get dressed. Move cat from inconvenient 'helpful' place he is now occupying. Sit to put on trousers and socks (otherwise falling over and pain may happen). Shirt last as I usually have to get the Better-half to do the buttons. Back downstairs, hopefully having not forgotten everything. Shoes on last (Better-half does up my laces). By this time my car has arrived and it is time to rush off!