Saturday 15 September 2012

The Pink Room

Once upon a time, a long time ago (well more than a decade and that is a long time in storytelling; a prince and a princess met and the they fell in love. They decided to move in together... living in the family Castle and they all lived happily ever after.

Real life isn't quite like a fairy story. When I first met the Better-half I lived in an already over-crowded flat share. When we decided to live together it was obvious for me to live with him. He lived (as we still do) with his mother in a moderately sized Victorian semi.

We sort of have a 'granny-flat' - we have our own kitchen and living room. We have our bedroom (of course) and then share the bathroom across the house. It works well; and we are a happy extended family. To me it seems quite normal as my parents lived with my paternal-grandmother when I grew up, and it means there is always company for the cat.

The anomaly in the house are the two spare rooms. The larger one my MiL (mother-in-law) uses for storage; and Casper uses for jungle gym and pigeon watching (if only he can get in there). The smaller room is used by me - basically as a dressing room. It is called the Pink Room.

It is odd that it should be called the Pink Room. The carpet is blue and two of the walls are blue; there are only two pink walls and curtains.It may be the large quantity of pink 'stuff' in the room that gives it the name. The Pink Room is a problem. It should be simple, but I'm a slob.

There are clothes, make-up, cosmetics and other stuff with no home. It is the final resting place... things get booted from one room to another and end up there. They have been doing this for over a decade and today I have decided to get it sorted.

On a good day...
I have made a start and immediately got depressed with all the missing caps, goo everywhere etc. on the dressing table so I have come for bin bags and a some boxes. I'm being brutal. Stuff is going. 

There is more stuff that should be in there and as much stuff that shouldn't. 

I might need breakfast before I start this...

The Pink Room has a blog too... which may even get updated!