Thursday 1 March 2012

March at last

February was extra long this year (it being a leap year and all). My Outlook had a bit of a problem with the extra day - not quite able to get the red square round the number. (click on the image for a larger view).

There was a lot of talk on Twitter and the internet about the 'extra day'. Only it isn't really, is it. It is just a convenient way to make up for the fact that the natural world doesn't quite fit into our notion of time.

Today is St David's Day (national day of Wales) or if you are my American desk calendar 'Women's History Month begins'.

I think St David's Day has a longer history - and it certainly makes for a better Google Doodle.

Finally - an email I received from a colleague recently. I had put the kettle on for tea some time earlier, and then forgotten all about it; so he sent a blank email with only a subject line (see left).