Saturday 17 March 2012

My pets

Growing up we were a dog family. We got our first dog (Lucy) when I was a few months old, and Lucy (a yellow Labrador) and I grew up together. When I was a baby she'd sit under the pram and guard it... and when we lived in North London Sunday walks on Hampstead Heath were a weekly (ish) ritual.


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When Lucy got older we got her a young companion - barely out of puppy-hood, Leo - another yellow Labrador. Leo adored Lucy and Lucy put up with the young pup. During my late teens I'd often take Leo for long walks in the countryside, I had a unique training method - if he pulled the leash I'd turn round and stamp just in front of his nose. He behaved for me, but not anyone else! Lucy died when I was about 11 or 12; Leo when I was 18 or 19. 


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After we lost Leo my mother vowed, no more dogs. A vow that lasted a few months. My parents then adopted Dodie a Lurcher-something cross, shortly followed by Joe a collie-something cross. I wasn't living at home with my parents by this time - that didn't stop Dodie and Joe taking me to their canine hearts with typical dog enthusiasm.


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In the meantime, I'd adopted a dog of my own - Jack a Bearded Collie-something cross. Life changes brought me back to my parents house, along with Jack. Three dogs and three adults in a fairly small semi... quite a challenge. The dogs got on well together, Dodie ruling the roost and stirring up trouble with her dainty paw - often getting the boys into trouble.

Sadly the three dogs were very similar in age, and passed away within 18 months of each other a couple of years back.

Dogs are great pets. They are loyal and loving. Jack had a sixth sense for when I was upset and would come and sit with me. They also need a lot of walking and exercise... and scruffy mutts like Jack and Joe need a lot of grooming!

Now I live in a cat family. Casper is lord of the manor and possibly the most spoilt pet I've ever owned. He's worth it though.

Reasons I love my cat:
  • when he sleeps he makes little kitten squeaks and snores
  • he has the biggest purr of any cat I've met (ever) - the vets can't check his heartbeat as it is drowned out by purring!
  • he comes whenever he's called (except on occasions of selective deafness)
  • he adores his treats, drooling when they're handed out - and he knows the routine that goes with them, even down to counting how many he gets
  • he loves to be brushed (lucky as he is on the fluffy side)
  • his favourite game is fetch - you throw the ball, he brings it back (like a small dog!)
  • his second favourite game is 'Pirates' which is always fun to watch
  • he keeps me company constantly - whether on the blanket box or the bed
  • he has the most incredible vocal range - I don't know what he's saying; but I can tell the gist of it from his tone. We often have conversations, where neither of us knows what the other is saying!
  • he talks to himself when he's playing or watching the birds
  • he thinks he is a person in a small black fur coat

The many faces of Casper

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