Monday 26 March 2012

F1 is back

The problem with every sport is that it has a season. Once the season is over you are bereft for the off-season. Our house is pretty lucky there is nearly always a sport.

Starting the year in January the American Football season is coming to a close (having started back in September) with the post-season heading towards the SuperBowl in February. The football season in England (and across Europe) is heading towards its climax in May. The baseball season starts Spring Training in March and the season proper starts in April. In March the F1 Grand-Prix also makes a welcome return to our screens after the brief winter hiatus.

This year (as with ever year) it has taken a couple of races (watched 'as live' due to them being on the wrong side of the planet) to get back into the swing of things. Teams have changed names (Lotus aren't Lotus anymore although there is a Lotus but they used to be Renault, and so on), drivers have come and gone (Kimi is back!). There is the usual controversy about the interpretation of the rules on some of the cars... and the question of whether last year's World Champion can do it again. If you want read more about F1 I'll recommend you this new blog 'A Dash of Eau Rouge' to keep up with the Grand-Prix. We've got a little break now before we head of to China the week after next. I'm just pleased that there have been winners and losers and right now the title is wide open!