Sunday 4 March 2012

Casper's Playtime

Casper's HousePlaying on the stairs (1)Playing on the stairs (2)Playing on the stairs (3)Christmas toysBig toys
Sparkly and janglyKeeping an eye on proceedingsTennis ballsOdd ballsJangly ballsRattle balls
The ball basketSoft toysSparkly rustle toysFoam ballsNet ballRubber balls
Favourite toysThe ball boxBones!Bottle topsPillow toysHaving a look

Casper's Playtime, a set on Flickr.

Casper has an enormous amount of toys. Dozens of balls... dozens of other bits and pieces.

All the toys have stories behind them - visit the Flickr pages to find out more.

He only really loves his rubber sports balls though. If anyone knows where to get some, do let me (and Casper) know!

Via Flickr:
No, our cat doesn't have too many toys!