Thursday 25 August 2011

Scotland Day 2

Up early again (not as bad as yesterday) to check out of the lovely hotel and catch a train over to Edinburgh. Yet another taxi ride took me to our office which is in the part of Edinburgh amusingly called New Town - it looks very Georgian to me. 

The Fringe Festival is just finishing up, there is also a book Festival going on... and a French market where I bought my lunch.
Town and country by nat_mach
Town and country, a photo by nat_mach on Flickr.

Both training sessions went well again, even better for the fact that no computers were mis-behaving today!

All too soon another cab journey to take me to Edinburgh airport. I arrived in plenty of time - which allowed me to grab a glass of wine to calm my nerves before the flight (have I mentioned I hate flying!).

The crew on my BA flight couldn't have been kinder, seating me first so my crutches could be stowed out of the way and even bringing me a bottle of water before take off. The refreshments brought me more wine, so I had a pleasant flight down enjoying the view above the clouds. A stunning sunset above and below!

Great news when I landed and found my driver - the camera I had thought lost had been in his cab the whole time (I wish he'd sent me a text and told me).

Home from LCY, take-out for dinner and an early night. I'm shattered!