Tuesday 2 August 2011

Annual Leave - Day 2

A year ago I bought myself a DSLR camera. Even though my compact cameras kept getting 2 mega-pixels better every time I upgraded a DSLR had been a long time dream (ever since my Dad had an SLR years ago). The only disappointment was even though I got a good package with body and lens included (a lot of purchases are body only) the focal length of the lens was only 35-55mm. For those used to the zoom on a compact this isn't very much. As I didn't spend too much on the overall package the aperture is only average too.

On my wish list for the year since I spent the money I got for my last birthday was the next lens up a telephoto/zoom lens. Today my 55-200mm lens arrived. As I was only splashing out the cost of the camera again (rather than four figures) the aperture is still average... but the lens does zoom. Now I need to go and take some photos!