Monday 1 August 2011

Annual Leave - Day 1

I will do some stuff, this week (I have plans) it just won't be today.  My first order of business was to tidy up the bedroom. I started with the carpet. When we moved in we got a nice, good quality carpet. The only mistake we made was to get one in cream - we had a black cat at the time. 

So - fast forward several years. We still have black cats (two now) and the carpet has had a turbulent life. A stain where the AC leaked, a burn where the plug in heater dropped some overheated dust and a good few spilled drinks. We tried rugs, but they never would stay flat and Casper likes to sleep on them on the window cill now!

First job, on my hands and knees with the Amaze Brush. And it is. Something like sandpaper wrapped around a brick. So simple yet so useful, the sort of thing we all like to say "I could have thought of that", but none of us did. After that a hoover. Upright generally with the hose in the hard to reach corners. This is like exercise. I'm perspiring generously and have more than used up every 'spoon' at my disposal. Still at least the floor is clean. Just need to worry about the rest of the room now!
Before - cat fur everywhere!
Tools of the trade 'Pet Lover' hoover and 'Amaze Brush'
During - a spot where something sat and protected the carpet
After - it's cream!!!
You could stuff a cushion with those cats moulting!
Oblivious - half the problem has a kip!