Wednesday 24 August 2011

Scotland Day 1

My flight to Glasgow left Luton airport at 7am this morning. I was out of my bed at 3am. This is why I hate travel. The flight was with EasyJet and for a budget, no frills airline, no complaints. I found Luton airport (first visit) noisy and confusing and very busy - really missed little City Airport!

There aren't many upsides to walking with crutches - but priority treatment at airports so you don't have to stand around is one of them. The staff at the airport couldn't have been kinder getting me through security and to departures, my gate and my flight.

Landed in Glasgow on time and got a taxi from the airport to the office. A full days training with two sessions (one each in morning and afternoon) were ahead. Training was great, co-operation of computers (on which I was giving training) not so great.

CitizenM - outside by nat_mach
CitizenM - outside, a photo by nat_mach on Flickr.
At the end of the day I got (another) taxi to the hotel. What an experience this hotel is. The rooms are very basic - their feature being a massive (huge) bed - enormous windows with interstitial blinds - and the lighting. You can spend hours playing with the lighting.

The hotel didn't start well when it turned out the booking through the 3rd party website didn't take payment. Had to disturb one of the partners and his credit card to sort it out.
I took a quick walk down to George Square to see where Brad Pitt is currently filming (he wasn't there) and had a great curry for dinner in the 'canteen'.

There was also the fire alarm which meant we all had to evacuate the hotel. Rewarded myself with a glass of wine (I was wearing my slippers during the evacuation!).

On to Edinburgh tomorrow!