Friday 19 August 2011

Kitten Day

Having had the boys just over a year it was time for them to go the vets for the annual booster jabs, worming tablets, and general health check. There was a bit of difference of opinion about actually getting into the pet carriers (Casper managed to evade me twice) but we eventually loaded them into the back seat and off we went.

Casper kept up his usual monologue all the way there - a particularly plaintive strain of 'miaow' I wish I spoke cat... I don't know if he saying "You shut me in a box", "Are we there yet?", "I know where we're going" or "I can see my brother from here".

As usual they were angelic at the vets, even the anti-social Casper who usually runs a mile when faced with a person he doesn't know (i.e. anyone other than me, the better-half or my nearly-mother-in-law).

Both given a clean bill of health. Maintained their previous weights, didn't even squeak at the jabs (probably helped that they were bribed by treats) and Casper even ate his worming tablet without fuss!

Got home and after lunch they are now sleeping peacefully. I think the mornings adventures (and their booster jabs) have worn them out!