Sunday 31 January 2010

Big Garden Bird Watch

This weekend was the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch so I spent some time in the garden on Saturday afternoon (when it wasn't too chilly) and a lot of time looking out of the window on Sunday afternoon (when it was too chilly). It wasn't my best birdwatching experience - I think the birds are roosting somewhere with their beaks under their wings - but I did see quite a bit of the big fat pigeons and the squirrells.

The big fat pigeons are moving into the ivy tree - a lot of desperate fluttering as birds far too large for the tiny twigs they land on strive to keep their balance - I think love might be in the air for the big fat pigeons!

The blackbird is sitting in the 'twittering tree' (usually full of the blue tits and great tits) keeping an eye on proceedings. Meanwhile Cleo (one of the 'regular' pigeons keeps an eye on things from the safety of the roof.

The squirrels seem to have taken over the far end of the garden. Not only the peanut feeder now, but the food tray as well - and the fat balls if all else fails!

The big fat pigeon hasn't figured out how to work these feeders yet - he sat there for half an hour thinking about it. A couple of his friends have worked out the ones in the shrubbery... on lands on the branches and bounces around and then they pick up the seeds that fall to the ground!

One of the squirrel gang (there are four or five of them) got fed up with fighting with his friends and came up the other end of the garden. How cute, I said looking out of the window - who me, asked the squirrel putting his paw to his chest!

These are my garden watching posts - I can enjoy the wildlife from the (relative) warmth of my kitchen... with the help of my zoom lens!

I can't wait for Spring to arrive and to be able to spend more time in the garden... and of course for all my amphibian friends to re-appear!