Thursday 7 January 2010

Snow and Ice

Looking out of my office window it is hard to believe that most of the country is still shivering under a blanket of snow. Central London has (touch wood) escaped the worst. It did snow yesterday afternoon - quite heavily on occasion... but happily it was too warm (relatively) for it to settle.

The same wasn't true, unfortunately, in South East London. Heavy snowfall throughout the day and a few degrees cooler temperature meant that a healthy covering of snow remained on the pavements; and although main roads had been kept (mostly) clear the side roads were a lethal mix of snow turning to ice.

The buses from North Greenwich weren't even trying to navigate Charlton Church Lane on the way home last night and were diverted via Woolwich. Not the same story this morning. We took a very ginger trip through the snow and ice down Charlton Church Lane and missed out the Millennium Village altogether!

Still a relatively simple journey to work compared to some. I wasn't too happy to arrive at my office (still freezing cold) to find the fire alarm going off. This was the first of four false alarms through the morning - the outcome of which is that the boiler switches off (so that the gas supply doesn't blow up in the fire). Disturbed by bells - and freezing cold!