Thursday 6 August 2009

Just like the Forth Bridge

I'm sure that when someone can up with the phrase tag line "replacing London's Victorian water mains" it was intended to convey the essential nature of the work and to convey the long overdue nature of said work. This process, at least in my local area, seems to be an endless task - similar in nature to the painting of the Forth Bridge; as soon as completed to one side it is time to start again at the other. The roadworks around Charlton, Woolwich and Greenwich seem to have been going on since at least Christmas 2007. I can date this because I remember getting stuck in the traffic jam for the temporary lights on the way back from the airport and a trip to Scotland for our company Christmas party. Since then they seem to have been forward and back, up and down the side streets, and still going strong!

At least this set have finished!

Coming soon to a road near you

The off/on diversion of the 486 is on again - not serving Repository Road

The diversion sign has moved a few feet along the road, still not clear what this is diverting!

One of the (many) sets of roadworks affecting the Borough.

I sometimes wonder whether my increasing dissatisfaction with modern life is because I'm getting older, or to quote Blur - 'Modern Life is Rubbish'. Recently my boss leant me the book "Is It Just Me or is Everything Sh*t?" and I found myself nodding along (and occasionally chuckling) as I read it. Sadly I think that the problem is people - and their lack of respect. That is a lack of respect for anything... for each other, for property and for the environment. This was underlined as I stopped to catch my breath walking to get the bus this morning and I saw a thicket full of rubbish.