Sunday 16 August 2009

Holiday in Norfolk – Day 1

A lot of ‘Day 1’ was actually taken up getting to Norfolk. Two hundred or so miles from London it is quite a drive. Fortunately the Sat-Nav was there to guide me (very lucky as I’d have taken myself completely the wrong way) and the journey took about three and a half hours. Although I’m not a huge fan of driving having the Sat-Nav telling me where to go takes a great deal of stress out of the journey and my only real problem was how stiff I felt when I finally arrived!

Having arrived just in time for lunch and greeted my parents and grandmother who have already been here a week – we took a stroll to the nearby village in the afternoon to visit the Village Fete. Anyone who has ever lived in a country village (and I grew up in one) will be familiar with the annual fetes which are usually a fix of raffles, tombolas, stalls selling bric-a-brac and second hand books and lots of funny little games of chance. I managed to come away with some paperbacks but not a lot else.

Next on the agenda was a well earned nap – long drive and all that. After dinner it was time for an early night, but a hot room and a hard bed meant that I didn’t sleep very well – I was delighted when I looked out the Velux window at 2am to see hundreds and hundreds of stars (too far from a city for any light pollution), what I’d guess was some of the Milky Way and best of all, shooting stars.