Wednesday 19 August 2009

Holiday in Norfolk - Day 4

The objective for day four was a trip on the Broads. To accomplish this we drove to nearby (ish) Wroxham... via a slight detour when we missed the turning as the sign pointed the other way - I knew I should take my SatNav!

We booked places on a cruise boat (small altercation between parents as to whether we should self drive or cruise) and then after a small wait we were off down the broads and back for an hour and a half... for full details of the trip see the Occasional Tourist.

On the way back we stopped for a pub lunch in Potter Heigham (famous for its quaint bridge over the broads).

In the afternoon I took a day trip down to Suffolk. I was curious to see how my job in Lowestoft was progressing... and delighted to see it looking much further along finished than the previous time I had visited.

I had decided to cook dinner for the family in the evening, which necessitated a trip to the supermarket. The SatNav and I had a little disagreement at this point - for when it took me 15 miles to the nearest Sainsbury's in North Walsham apparently I could actualy have gone back to Great Yarmouth (which would probably have been quicker). Ah well, never trust a computer.