Tuesday 11 August 2009

Night-time visitors

It gets pretty busy in our garden sometimes. During the day there are a variety of birds who come to eat from the wood pigeons and the blackbird to the sparrows, robins and tits. There are also a lot of snails and slugs who call it home... as we don't have a great deal of plant life apart from the shrubbery and they don't make visible impact we allow them to stay - apart from anything else they are good meals for the rest of the wildlife.

There are of course all the insects that inhabit the blooms of the shrubbery too... butterflies, bumble bees, honey bees, all sorts of other bugs - including the other day a three inch long dragonfly!

When the sun goes down the garden wildlife carries on. After dark there are the frogs and toads and the foxes. I was out last night admiring the huge amount of amphibian life enjoying the frog pond when I noticed a pair of eyes glowing in my torch light. At first I thought it might be a cat as it didn't run when I approached... but on closer inspection turned out to be a (very tame) fox. I think he was wondering what I was doing in 'his' garden!

I just hope he wasn't thinking about eating some of the frogs and toads out enjoying the evening!