Thursday 20 August 2009

Holiday in Norfolk - Day 6

Back to Great Yarmouth today to do the tourist bit (for more on today's trip see the Occasional Tourist). We took a ride along the promenade in a horse and cart (sure beats walking) and then we visited the Sea Life Centre. Highlight of the visit must have been the four penguins and the shark tank (complete with walkway underwater).

We had lunch on the promenade attended by a flock of starlings and took a brief visit to the Scroby Sands Windfarm Visitor Centre.

This offshore windfarm has thirty turbines... each as tall as six double decker buses and with blades that are the size of a jumbo jet's wings.

In the afternoon my mother and I took a trip to the Hemby "Mega Maze" - or should that be "Mega Maize"?! This is a maze cut into a field of corn (maize). We managed to find our way out not once but twice! Maps are given out for a £1 deposit in a sealed envelope and your deposit is returned if the envelope is unopened.  How you use a map of a maze if you are lost I'm not sure... I wondered if when opened the envelope simply said "Ha! Ha!". We didn't open ours!