Thursday 21 August 2008

I am...

Unless you live under a rock you can't have missed the latest advertising campaign by mobile phone provider Orange. "I am..." it starts out - and then each ad lists various influences (I've yet to see one which features anyone I've heard of, so I can't gauge their effectiveness that way!). The first one I saw started out "I am my mother, I am my sister, I am the teacher who failed me... and the teacher who spurred me on" (or words to that effect). You see them on the tube too. The upshot of this is that as I was on the ridiculously overcrowded Jubilee Line last night (seriously, by the time it has gone 7:30pm shouldn't everyone else have been home already?) a monologue in my head was keeping up a commentary on all my fellow travellers who were irritating me and putting me in a bad mood.

"I am the man who got on at Waterloo and jammed the doors which delayed the train... I am the boy chewing gum like a masticating cow with his mouth open... I am the crowd on got on with fast food and made the carriage smell... I am the girl with the music turned up too loud so all that can be heard is a tinny beat... I am who I am because of everyone" (sorry Orange, take it as a compliment that your advert has penetrated my subconscious!).

The Jubilee Line has been very reliable in the total failure to provide a 'good' service. The last few evenings I've been quite late leaving the office. I would therefore expect the train to be quiet and running on time. Each evening there are huge (anything over five minutes) waits for trains and when they arrive they are horrendously overcrowded.

I really hope that the engineering works that shut sections of the line every weekend are going to improve the Jubilee Line enough that it can cope with the increased demand the Olympics are going to put on it in four years time. Right now, I don't fancy its chances!