Saturday 23 August 2008

Time for more medication

This has been some week. It's been busy (and them some) at work, and what with the credit crunch beginning to bite and all we are all having to work that little bit harder. I really wanted to fit in a couple of days working from home again this week. Ever since the evil virus a fortnight ago I've just not been able to get back to normality (the question of what normality is anyway is a whole other can of worms!). My legs have been weak and wobbly and my balance unreliable (even more so than normal). This is why I get a flu vaccination every winter, because there is the possibility that viruses can cause relapses.

Last week I managed a couple of days from home... this week it just didn't work out like that, there were too many things I had to do which needed the office computer etc. etc. By Wednesday I was practically falling down with fatigue (notwithstanding the reintroduction of the Amantadine to combat the symptoms of fatigue). Whenever I have problems with my legs my left foot stops going forwards and goes in (giving me a delightful pigeon-toed stance). This makes it both quite painful and tiring to put one foot in front of the other. So, I rang my MS nurse. After looking up my records she recommended another course of steroids. I used to not rate steroids, but as they did actually work the last time I was all for it. She said as her secretary was on holiday she'd send me the protocol direct and I could take it to my doctor.

It didn't come on Thursday or Friday. Lucky I still had the protocol at home from the last time, so I took that along to my doctor who wrote me a prescription for the steroids. Now I rattle. Twelve tablets every morning for the first week. Here's hoping they work. I am hopeful that these in conjunction with lots of R&R over the long weekend should start me back on the road to recovery!