Sunday 3 August 2008

Sports Sunday and other weekend things

Last night I had dinner at 'Mogul' in Greenwich (the occasion was my friend's Hen Night). Absolutely charming restaurant. Very small (so you'd probably want to book a table) but the food and service were absolutely fantastic.

The Saturday Night movie this week was 'War Games - the Dead Code'. Here's the thing. I'm a HUGE fan of the original 1983 film. I loved it as a kid, and now own a copy on DVD. I loved it to the extent that I changed our PC's 'C' prompt to read 'logon'. I wanted more than anything to be a computer genius. This was back before the internet, and before the widespread global dominance of home computers. Who doesn't remember the delightful synthesised voice of 'Joshua' asking "How about a nice game of chess?". So, I was intrigued that they decided to remake this in the modern day. I couldn't quite see how in the age of the internet and the mobile phone and everything else it was going to work. And, you know what. It didn't. Why can't Hollywood just leave classic 80s movies alone to grow old gracefully? This movie is truly awful. There is nothing at all to recommend it - less so when Stephen Falken and the WOPR made 'cameo' appearances. Sadly they couldn't (or wouldn't) get the same actor back - although I think the WOPR looked pretty good 25 years on! This movie had none of the urgency, none of the humour and none of the pathos of the original. I'm sad to say I give this movie no stars at all!

This afternoon we were treated to the the Grand Prix at Hungaoring. It seemed like it was going to be a foregone conclusion before the start, with Lewis on poll. Masa however took the lead before the first bend - at which point it seemed again that the result might be a foregone conclusion. Lewis suffered a blow out on the 40th lap which put him way back in the field, and gave him some work to do. There were a few other 'moments' but none as unfortunate as the complete failure of Masa's car three laps from the end of the race. Terrible thing to happen when he really deserved to win the race.

Final sporting event of the afternoon was the last game of the Angels at Yankee Stadium being shown on NASN. I missed the first few innings whilst I was in the bath, and I caught up with the game with the Yankees five runs down. After a few runs here and there, and a disasterous eight inning for the Angels (thank goodness I wasn't keeping a score card with pinch runners and going right round the order!) there were three seperate fielding errors in that inning. The Yankees finally won 9-14. Come-back kings!