Sunday 24 August 2008

Just another Sunday

First up, this week's film. Chosen from a trailer on last week's offering we watched "The Bank Job". Quite a lot of actors that you have seen somewhere about (Jason Statham (many films), Saffron Burrows (Boston Legal) etc. etc.). Written by the two blokes who amongst other things brought you 'Porridge' it was as amusing as we had hoped. Based on true events it is about a bank heist which couldn't go more wrong... or as it turns out, right. The dialogue is snappy and witty and the action reasonably fast paced. Thoroughly enjoy it and I'll give it 7 out of 10.

This afternoon was the European Grand Prix, moved from it's previous home in Germany to the new track in Spain. The track at Valencia is a road track... oh no, not another one. What with the upcoming night race in Singapore (which I am quite excited about) and now Valencia it somewhat diminishes the unique aspect of Monaco. Despite the gloomy predictions from the commentary team of safety cars and high speed crashes the race passed off without much incident. Sadly the most exciting things to happen were probably Ferrari's disastrous pit stops. The first when they accidentally release Felipe Massa into the path of an oncoming Force India which did well to scoot out the way and the second when Raikkonen attempted to drive away from his pit stop with the fuel rig still attached (predictably injuring one of the mechanics in the process). Evidence enough that Ferrari should dump their high-tech light indicators and go back to the good old fashioned lollipop?!

So that was about it for sport I managed to see this weekend. Charlton were on Sky, but I didn't watch the game on the basis that the last time I saw Charlton play it was dire. My loss it would seem as the final score was 4-2 with four penalties and a red card!

The Olympics are finally over, not that I noticed them much it has to be said. Great Britain managed an astonishing fourth in the medals table after (not so surprisingly) China, USA and Russia. So, London now takes over officially as Olympic Host City (how sick and tired are those of us living here going to get of that over the next four years?!). I make no secret of the fact that I despise the fact that the Olympics are coming to London. All the fuss, upheaval and worst of all expense for what is, at the end of the day, a couple of weeks of sport. There are so many better things that they could do with all that money; and despite the protestations I'm sure that the 'lasting legacy' will be a smooth and seamless as when they recommissioned the Dome. Wait a moment, it stood empty and idle for years and cost the tax payer a fortune... go on ODA (or whatever you call yourselves) prove me wrong!