Wednesday 20 August 2008

Strike averted

Everyone in my office was delighted to learn yesterday afternoon that the threatened strike by tube maintenance workers had been called off. Thus the spectre of delay and disruption across several lines was averted. Not that given the behaviour of the Jubilee Line recently you'd notice much more delay and disruption. Arriving in the ticket hall at Green Park last night we learned that the next train going East wasn't expected for 11 minutes. Tell me, how is that a good service?!
There has (of course) been a lot of talk of sport and more specifically the Olympics in our office this week. Not participated in by me as I've still managed to not watch any of the Olympics (and only a few days left to go). I might have watched the baseball if the BBC had shown fit to show it any point... but I really couldn't face watching any of the other fare on offer (which nearly always seems to be swimming for some reason). The conversation I enjoyed most was regarding events in the Olympics and whether or not they could really be called a sport. I think the conversation started with watersports and then moved onto darts and snooker. One argument was that "if it is competitive it is a sport". On that note, I argued, then Ludo and Snakes and Ladders are sports! The next argument was that if you are paid to do it is a sport... so that rules out all amateurs then! I argued that if it is anything I could do with a relative degree of accuracy or skill it couldn't possibly be a sport given that I am the most unfit and lazy person in the office!