Sunday 31 August 2008

Two movies

Our movies of choice last night could not have been more different from each other. First up we had 'Rendition'. The title of the movie refers to the practice that is sometimes employed of removing terror suspects to a remote location for 'interrogation' (torture?) and that is pretty much the theme of the film. Initially I enjoyed the film. Having had the foresight to put my glasses on I wasn't bothered by the occasional subtitled dialogue. The acting was solid and the plot moved at just the right pace. I just didn't like the end of the film. I consider myself pretty much the person that they right movies for. If there is a plot twist I won't see it coming. Rich on the other hand always sees it coming (I'm always telling him he should write movies he is so good at seeing it coming). This gives you a clue as to the unexpectedness of the ending of 'Rendition'. Even Rich didn't see it coming. He thought it was brilliant, and I thought it was annoying... for me it coloured the whole of the rest of the movie. I'll still give it 7 out of 10, definitely worth a watch.

Next up was 'In the Name of the King'. A more different film you couldn't think of. A strange blend of action and fantasty with some almost Shakespearean dialogue from some cast members. It wasn't a bad film. 6 out of 10.