Friday 30 May 2008

Quiet Days

Office days like today are good and they are bad. Boss-one is still abroad, Boss-two was away all day at a meeting, Saffy-bloke was off sick. That left the rest of us in the office with peace and quiet as the phone didn't ring much (I actually wondered if it was out of order for most of the morning).

I left work early anyway as I had to visit the doctor. One of my injection sites was looking a bit unusual. I rang the Betaplus helpline yesterday who were very helpful but decided I really should see my GP. I then rang the doctor's surgery to make an appointment. None left they told me, you have to ring at half past eight. I pointed out that by half past eight I'm already at work some fifteen miles away. You can speak to the duty doctor I was told. I tried pointing out that this was something the doctor needed to see but in the face of immovable bureaucracy gave up and agreed to ring the duty doctor. The conversation with the duty doctor came to the conclusion that really he needed to see me, I pointed out this is what I'd told his receptionist and he muttered something about systems. So I saw the doctor and he said that there was the outside possibility that the site had an infection (although as it wasn't a recent site it was unlikely) or more likely it was fat necrosis which is tissue trauma. Superb. So I'm left with an angry mark on my skin, which will probably eventually fade and a strange little dimple, which won't repair. Too much of this and I'll have permanent cellulite! The doctor gave me antibiotic cream on the basis of we can treat the thing that could be treated.