Monday 19 May 2008

The years of commuting

I read a story in the paper today (twice in fact as it was in both the morning and evening papers) which said that on average a worker spends FIVE YEARS commuting to and from work. Unless you live in London in which case the figure rises to EIGHTEEN YEARS. Now I know where all my time goes.

Tonight's journey felt like five years all by itself. I'd make a resolution not to complain about the Jubilee Line every day, but I'd break it the next time I got a tube I should think. Another tediously long journey on an overcrowded train which required me once again to go up and back in order to be able to fit on the train. Let's have a new category... instead of going straight from "Good Service" to "Minor Delays" we'll add in "Delays Which Aren't Delays"... the definition of which will be "Noticeable effect on your journey, but we're going to pretend that everything is working fine". Or as the station announcer at Green Park often drily observes "the line is operating normally" - make of that what you will!

It wasn't just the underground that was out to get me today. There are roadworks on the Woolwich Road. These are having an extremely adverse effect on all bus routes. The 486 gets to the bottom of Charlton Church Lane and then gets stuck because impatient motorists on the Woolwich Road heading towards Greenwich (and impatient motorists turning left out of Charlton Church Lane) drive over the junction (just because there isn't a yellow box doesn't mean that it is good manners)... and block the bus from taking it's phase when the lights change. Looks like it might be time to take the extreme measure of the 422 and hope we don't get stuck down Tunnel Avenue.

At least it's a working from home day tomorrow... so my commute is from my bed to the far side of the bedroom.