Tuesday 27 May 2008

Fuel rage

The Tuesday after a Bank Holiday Monday is always a confusing day. You feel like it is Monday because it is the start of the week, even though it is in fact Tuesday. This then knocks on into the rest of the week, meaning that Friday is always a pleasant surprise because it seems to have come a day early!

Traffic in London was badly affected today by more fuel protests. Lorry drivers from all over made their way into town (and in some cases parked up on the main thoroughfares into town) on their way to petition Gordon Brown. Apparently the average price of petrol in the UK know is about 114p per litre. More for diesel. Lucky I live in an area where petrol is notoriously cheap and is generally between 111p and 113p (yes, that penny makes all the difference). The stark horror of petrol prices in the UK is tax on petrol generally accounts for something between 60% to 70% of the total price you pay at the pump. Outrageous? Maybe. I'm in two minds. The fact is that the cost of motoring is horrific, especially for those people who have to use a car/truck/lorry as part of their job (truckers and hauliers who were protesting especially) and it is true that they cannot compete against their peers from Europe who pay a lot less at the pumps. It pains me every time I put petrol in my car how much it costs. However, the environmentalist is me says good thing. Maybe everyone will think twice about how much they need to use their cars if it costs that much to run them. After all petrol (oil) is not a renewable resource. Maybe the lorry drivers are right, perhaps some sort of tax rebate for essential users would hit the right balance.