Monday 5 May 2008

Holiday Monday

Typical English Bank Holiday. We are threatened with thundery showers and torrential downpours and what we actually get is warm, reasonably sunny but unpleasantly humid. Still, it would not have precluded going out and doing things, which were postponed on the basis that nobody wants to go out in a downpour. As I said, typical Bank Holiday.

I've been inside not enjoying the weather. I did go out first thing this morning to find out why the pond was bubbling (literally). For some reason the tadpole population had decided to congregate in the centre of the pond. The water was seething and there was actually a strange popping noise as the little tadpoles broke the surface of the pond. By late morning they were back in their accustomed places around the edge of the pond. Who knows what the reason for the early morning gathering was.

I started the day playing the Xbox 360. Giving Lost: Via Domus another chance. It has been the most disappointing game; given that it was the reason for my purchasing the Xbox 360. My problem is that 1) the graphics just aren't anywhere near as good as the other games that I have played on the 360 (and given that I only own four games that isn't much competition!) 2) the game is just too hard. I realise that not all games can be delightfully easy (or fit my "3+" age bracket preference) but I do think that a game that requires the learning curve to be in the range of a dozen attempts is taking things too far. In the ned I got annoyed and gave up for the day.

I took then to my major project. Scanning a box of family photographs onto the computer. I estimate that there must be around 1,000 photos which encompass the last 25 years or so. A fascinating trip down memory lane. The problem is, once they've been scanned they still have to be captioned. That is probably going to take at least as long again... I've only been at it for about two months now!