Friday 2 May 2008

It's been a long week

As anyone who has MS knows some days are good and some days not so good. Some nights are good and some nights are not so good. Last night was not so good. Yesterday was an 'every other day' on which I take my injection (or try, I forget about as often as I remember). I took it in the mid-late evening and went to bed as normal. Then I woke up around midnight feeling as though I was getting the 'flu. A common side effect of the injection... but unpleasant nevertheless. Hot water bottles, many layers of bed clothes and paracetamol eventually helped me get back to sleep, although not, unfortunately, to stay asleep.

This on its own would have been bad enough, but despite being a work from home day yesterday was no the idyll of calm and order that lack of commuting normally imbues into a day. Working to a deadline to finish a spreadsheet was fine. My computer and I falling out during the construction of said spreadsheet leading to the need to re-do several hours work was not. Especially not when my was sitting in the office waiting for it. Finally finished at 7:30 feeling exhausted. The only positive, I didn't have to take a tube/bus journey of over an hour to get home.

Speaking of computers (which I was in a roundabout way) the IT guy has been down from head office to our little outpost the past couple of days. Getting rid of the last few behemoths that still inhabited some of the desks with shiny new computers. Even though I already had a relatively new computer I got one of the new arrivals; they have bigger screens you see - which is handy for using CAD and things of that nature. The only trauma, of course, being the loading of all the settings and so forth back onto the new machine. I'm a geek, it's true, and I like my toolbars 'just so' and I need to have all my shortcuts going to the right places. Oh yes, and of course replacing IE with Firefox. In addition to the shiny new machine I also got to grips with numerous other new technologies including operation of the email system spam filter (so now I can go looking for the missing emails which seem to occur every week).