Wednesday 28 May 2008

Strange London moments

If only I'd not been in transit (as it were) and had a chance to take some photos.

Imagine the following...

It's twenty past eight in the morning and drizzling a bit on Piccadilly. Outside Green Park station the Evening Standard seller's stand is folded up until the evening, and just a blue metal box some three foot high. On top of the stand a modern day Cinderella has passed by. There sits a lone black ladies' court shoe. Waiting for Prince Charming to pick it up and seek his Cinderella.

It's half past one and lunch time on Piccadilly. The traffic heading east towards Piccadilly Circus is at a standstill (presumably worse than usual because of various road closures/delays due to the fuel protests). On the South Side of Piccadilly (in which direction only buses and taxis and emergency vehicles may travel) a police van has stopped at the side of the road. Behind the van two policemen appear to be setting up a camera in the road. Is this a speed camera? Whose speed are they monitoring. Buses crawl along towards the bus stops heading west and traffic heading east isn't going anywhere!

It's quarter past five outside the Cafe Nero on the corner of Dover Street and Piccadilly. The tables are full as the rain has finally let up. One table seems to have had an unfortunate accident with the remains of a shattered ash tray on the ground next to it and coffee and food debris all over the top. A lone diner is still using this table though. Sitting on the table enjoying the crumbs (and who knows maybe the coffee) is a lone pigeon, minding his own business amongst the other patrons.