Thursday 22 May 2008

Exercise and football

My back was quite sore when I woke up this morning. I decided that I would try sitting on my exercise ball whilst working (working from home day today) and see if that helped. The ball was too low for the desk. So I moved the laptop onto a chair. Probably just about the right height. Then the ball rolled away and I ended up sitting on the floor. End of experiment. Back to the chair and the desk.

I don't suppose we can finish without mentioning last night's Champions League final. A football game being played in Moscow by two English teams. Does it get any stranger. The whole of the country seemed to have worked itself into a frenzy, and nobody would believe that I really didn't care. I did see some bits of the game (whilst eating dinner and passing through)... and I did watch the penalty shoot out. I love a good penalty shoot out.

Just the end of the Scottish Premier League tomorrow and we are done with football until August (seeing as none of the home nations are going to Euro 2008).