Friday 21 December 2012


In a shameless attempt to get people to come and read this blog when it's automatically published a Twitter I used the hash-tag endoftheworld as my title.

In case you haven't noticed today is December 21. The date has become famous because (allegedly) it is the end of the world.

I spent a happy hour (and then some) being entertained (and enlightened) by the excellent Pod Delusion  pod-cast

The end of the Mayan 'Long Calendar' comes today... or maybe it doesn't. Sources are divided. From the pod-cast what I took away was something based on an ancient (really ancient) culture, some guys who took a trip (literally) and the figuratively (mushrooms were involved) and a guy who wrote a book and used the word Armageddon by his own admission to sell some books.

The Mayans don't have much to say about the end of the world, certainly nothing to do with calendars. 

So what happens when we finish a calendar? We put up a new calendar, and everything goes on as usual.

Go listen to the pod-cast, they explain it much better. And I'll see you tomorrow.