Sunday 30 December 2012

Sixth Day of Christmas

When I think of geese I think of Canada Geese. As a child a family friend 'adopted' a Canada Goose for my brother and I at Gerald Durrell's zoo in Jersey. I think by the time we visited Jersey and the zoo seven or eight years later we no longer had the goose but anyway. As a child a battered copy of 'My Family and Other Animals' was my favourite book. I hated staying away from home, and on the rare occasions that I couldn't persuade my parents that I didn't have to go this book always came with me... gradually disintegrating until the original copy had to be replaced!

I digress. The place I most often meet geese these days in St James's Park. There are a colony of various geese there (including grey geese and Canada Geese), which honestly are as much of a menace as squirrels if you settle down to eat a picnic lunch - in as much as they march on you with then intent of 'sharing' whatever bread product you may be eating at the time! Most of the waterfowl there are pretty tame but the geese verge on aggressive!


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