Sunday 14 October 2012

Sunday Social (19)

Linking up with Ashley and Neely for the Sunday Social

Source: via Nat on Pinterest
What is your favorite childhood book? From my very youngest childhood Linley Dodd's 'The Nickle Nackle Tree' - I buy it for pretty much every small child I know... and read it to them (well recite it really I can still remember it all).

The Long Earth What is your favorite book lately? Massively hard question. I've not managed much reading as I usually read in bed but the combination of my current meds means I fall asleep really fast. Since I got my Kindle I've signed up to emails to alert me of free books - so I've read a lot of things I wouldn't normally. How it works is you usually get the first of a series for free and then have to pay for subsequent ones. I think having said that recently it was an actual book I was given for my birthday; a collaboration from Stephen Baxter and Terry Pratchett 'The Long Earth'. Hopefully there are more where that came from.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7)What is the book you wish you could live in? Harry Potter, at the end of Deathly Hallows. Don't have to think about that. I'd love to be able to do magic, go to Hogwarts, all of it. Having watched the films and played the video games (both the live action and the Lego versions) I almost feel I've been there anyway!
Pollyanna: Complete and UnabridgedIf you could be any character from a book, who would it be and why? Pollyanna from the book 'Pollyanna'; I always loved the glad game and try to remember it (usually unsuccessfully) in my daily life; I love the positive outlook. Remember "Just breathing isn't living".
Gone with the WindWhat is your favorite book turned movie? Gone with the Wind.It doesn't matter that the book isn't closely followed by the movie; what matters is Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable are Scarlett and Rhett. I love the depiction of the old South and the reality of the Civil War. For me a movie that doesn't age and the important bits of the book are still there.

What is your favorite magazine? I'm not a big magazine reader but I quite enjoy the science and technology magazine BBC Focus which I get on my iPad. I do (currently) have a very bad wedding magazine habit. That'll stop soon - as soon as I get enough ideas for my god-mother to make my dress. Don't get any ideas god-daughters, I can't sew!

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