Saturday 27 October 2012

What I found there... (3)

Here are some more wanderings from that sunny Sunday morning whilst the house was asleep (apart from the cat and I) and I went looking, and really seeing.

In addition to our kitchen my MiL has her own kitchen just off the dining room (also known as Casper's playroom!). It is where we often gather to have a chat as a family, the Better-Half, MiL, Casper and I.

The lace curtains and the poppies make beautiful shadows

My MiL has a fondness for poppies!

This is actually a cat dish - shunned by all our cats

A Mardi Gras cat perhaps?

We love black cats we do!

This is the cat food cupboard!

Oh look, Casper. Good spotting point for squirrels!

I am most jealous of these mosaic tiles. I'd like them in my kitchen.

I'd like the red too -- but I have a blue floor!

Yes, the cat is following me. MiL likes magnets too!

Much more co-ordinated this part of the house!