Tuesday 30 October 2012

NFL International Series

Wembley Stadium

NFL International Series - London Game 6.

28th October 2012

St Louis Rams host the New England Patriots.
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The game was back to it's normal timing this year, the clocks having gone back on Sunday morning.
The NFL Game at Wembley seems to demand that there be some sort of tale attached. This year was no different. It had all been perfectly planned until the Better-Half noticed that the tiresome Half Marathon was taking place the same weekend. We already have the London Marathon. Go take your noisy little run to North London somewhere - Hampstead Heath is nice. I digress.
The start and finish of aforementioned run were at The O2. Although the roads were open earlier than threatened it seemed unlikely we'd get a cab to the underground. So we went through the tunnel to Canary Wharf. Neither us nor the taxi driver knew where access to the station was and we ended up at the 'no lift' entrance which was very helpful with the wheelchair and all. At least we got a cab, the first company I called declined to send a cab to Charlton because of the stupid run.
Old hands now at navigating the wheelchair from the station to the stadium; even managing to avoid the ramp by using the secret lift. This happily brought us out right by our entrance and the special wheelchair door.
We found a nice wheelchair height ledge for the drinks and began our annual team bingo, played as a competition this year. Despite taking an early lead I eventually lost to the Better-Half who even managed the elusive Cleveland this year! We saw a good mix of people, including some Packer cheese-heads (yes, wearing cheese hats) and some Olympic staff. I confused everyone wearing my Giants hoodie and my new Jaguars beanie and Jets scarf!
We missed the pre-match entertainment (as normal) but arrived in time to see the home team take the field and the National Anthems. Lessons learned this year and the flags were formed from carrier bags which cannot later be turned into paper aeroplane missiles. Good thing too.
It was cold, it started to rain and we were damp. The game was a white-wash. The Patriots annihilated the Rams. Annihilation to the point that the crowd, who are usually very good at supporting the 'Home' team became most un-British and ceased to support the underdog!
We were ready for home well before the appointed hour of the return cab. So, even colder and damper by the time the vehicle arrived.
Despite the weather and the less than stellar game, it was still a top afternoon out.