Thursday 27 October 2011

Black Cats

Before I met the Better-half I'd never had many cats in my life. There'd been a tabby Thomas a rather large (and not very friendly) cat who lived next door to me when I was a kid. I briefly lived next door to two Siamese; their speciality was sitting on their doorstep and shouting in that very special Siamese manner. Friends had cats... I knew a slightly mad tabby, two gorgeous little black cat girls... but all these were brief and fleeting acquaintances.

Then I moved in with the Better-half where the house was shared with Gizzie (a white Persian who sadly decided to leave home and move in with a mad old neighbour) and Molly. Molly was a black cat... she was beautiful (and she knew it). She was around three or four when I first knew her, and I watched her grown into the grand old lady she was before she passed away a few years ago.

Molly was a cat who knew her own mind. Feline in her independence. She wasn't a lap cat and didn't have much time for cuddles... she didn't mind some human company though... as long as it was on her terms. She loved spending time in the  garden and had many shady spots to hide in. My great sadness was she was never much one for playing with toys, no matter how many I brought home and tried to persuade her what fun they were!

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A few years passed an it was decided that our household was empty without cats. Enter Casper and Tinker. Twelve weeks old, rescued by Cats Protection and adopted by us.

I'd never known kittens before. All the untouched toys that had been accumulated for Molly finally had a purpose for these two bundles of black fur. If there was mischief to be found theyd find it; from climbing furniture (we want to be mountaineers), to playing with the taps (we want to be plumbers), to chewing houseplants (we want to be horticulturists), to opening packets of food and spreading it about and licking the washing up (we want to be chefs).

At the end of the fun they'd curl up and go to sleep together, a habit that lasted well past kitten-hood.

Sadly just over a month ago Tinker passed away, very suddenly, leaving Casper an only cat. He copes quite well although tells us often (and vocally) that we don't know how to play cat games properly.
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This post is celebrating Black Cat Awareness Day an initiative by Cats Protection to raise awareness of the plight of black cats who find it harder to be re-homed than their lighter coloured furry friends. You can find out more at the links below

Here are a few of the beautiful black cats I know and have known:

Casper Tinker
Minnie Pacey
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