Tuesday 17 February 2009

Things to do and not to do

Being all negative we'll start with the things not to do. Don't take the A2 across Blackheath and onwards to Deptford. There are serious roadworks all the way from the bottom of the hill up across the Heath to the roundabout. These started on Sunday are due to last for two months. Given that the traffic along there is pretty bad at the best of times this is doing nothing to improve it if you're heading to London. If you're coming back the other way it is even worse because the road is closed altogether... goodness knows where the diversion takes you! I was all for blaming "improving London's Victorian mains" and Thames Water, but the signs up on the Heath would seem that it is actually TfL who are to blame.

Let's move on to things to do. Do visit Galaxy Zoo where you can help out the stargazers and classify some galaxies. If you've ever used Google Image Labeller it is like that but more interesting.

Here's another thing to do. If you're using Firefox (and if you aren't, seriously, consider switching) install the excellent add-on Brief. It's an RSS reader integrated into your browser. There's a symbol on the status bar to let you know when new posts arrive; and a page for each feed - and providing the author has set their blog to allow it you get the whole feed there to read, without headers and other bits that slow down page loads. Anyone who follows lots of blogs or subscribes to lots of news feeds should consider this add-on essential.