Friday 8 January 2016

Cat in a Box

If there is one thing that cats love above all others it is a box. The propensity of Amazon (and other online retailers) for sending things in boxes rather larger than required annoys everybody except cats - Casper loves an Amazon delivery and a new box.

The box might be too small, it's a good place to count your bottle tops even so.

Handle with care was prophetic, when the box fell off the footstool he refused to sit in it ever again.

Another box too small, even with the packing paper ejected.

Yes, a box can be too large...!

This is the box on the landing for hiding in and sulking

One of the best boxes ever is the dining room box, you can sit there and watch the TV

2015-12-12 16.03.59
Eventually the dining room box fell to pieces

2015-12-12 16.03.59
Just in time a new box arrived to replace it though!